I had never eaten a truffle before I went to the annual Alba White Truffle Fair. As soon as I arrived in Alba I was taken to the huge marquee where the fair is held. As entered the smell was overpowering. A mixture of strong smelly cheese and garlic was the best way of describing it. As well as stalls selling truffles there were cheese and wine stalls and all sort of truffle related products. I was given a glass to hang round my neck so I could easily taste all the wines on offer. (My idea of heaven!). After looking round and trying many of the local products I finally got to sit down and have some lunch. Fried egg with grated truffle. It was so good! After an afternoon lesson on truffles (which I shall post about later) I was taken on a truffle hunt in the beautiful Piedmont countryside. I was surprised how quickly the dog found the truffle. The truffle hunter had to quickly drag him off and give him a dog biscuit to divert his interest from the truffle . The truffle hunter then dug carefully in the soil to find it. It is certainly a very delicate operation . Truffles are worth an awful lot of money and it is important not to damage them. It was finally dug out and held aloft triumphantly. Truffle dogs are trained at a special university for truffle dogs locally in Piedmont. Over the weekend I was in Alba I enjoyed a few meals with truffles and have certainly got the taste for them now. Unfortunately you can’t get them in the local Tesco’s!

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