San Gimignano is one of my favourite places in Italy and I have spent many a happy hour sitting on the steps of the well in Piazza Cisterna enjoying an ice cream from  the Gelateria Dondoli. I have eaten gelato all over Italy but Sergio’s boast that he makes the best ice cream in the world is not far wrong and I am working my way through his many unusual flavours every time I visit. Some of his famous flavours are Crema di Santa Fina (Santa Fina was a local saint) made of cream with saffron and pine nuts, Champelmo, made with pink grapefruit and sparkling wine and Dolceamaro, made with cream and aromatic herbs. Some of his exceedingly yummy  and exotic flavoured sorbets include Raspberry and Rosemary, blackberries and lavender, gorgonzola cheese and walnuts, ricotta and bilberries and spicy chocolate and sour cherries.

Sergio only used top quality local products to make his ice cream and  has been a member of the Italian team that has won the ice cream World championship on two occasions. He also runs ice cream making courses.

We always stop at the Hotel Leon Bianco just across the square from the gelateria and at night when all the tour buses have rolled away, the town has an entirely different air about it. If you decide to come to visit watch the film “Tea with Mussilini” beforehand and If you have room after your afternoon gelato do go and try out the Chiribirri and the Vecchia Mura , a couple of our favourite restaurants.




  1. I’d love to try some of those flavours of ice cream. The most unusual I ever had was samphire icecream in Norfolk which was wonderful melting over freshly char-grilled seabass. ‘Tea with Mussilini’ – one of my favourite films and towns too. Thank you for awakening warm summer holiday memories on a bleak cold day in England


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