dscf3752When I was on my press trip to Turin I was taken to Eataly in the Lingotto area of the city. Eataly is a huge food emporium full of the best  food Italy has to offer. It was originally set up by one of the founders of the global Slow Food movement and the one in Turin that I visited was the very first one. Now there are branches in quite a few Italian cities and even in other countries.

This one in Turin as I said previously is situated in the Lingotto area of Turin which is now a popular area to visit. It was once the area where the Fiat factory was situated whose roof was famously featured in the original film of “The Italian Job”. The building is still there but is no longer a factory. It is now made up of art galleries, hotels and shops. Eataly is situated just down the road from this iconic building and is housed in an old vermouth factory. The shelves are heaving with every Italian delicacy imaginable including porcini mushrooms, huge parmesan cheeses(see above), wonderful Piedmont chocolate filled with the local hazelnuts and all sorts of different pasta. Once you have shopped till you drop and filled up your shopping bag you can try out one of the cafes or restaurants. When I visited we were wined and dined there and the food almost looked to good to eat. If you want to find out more the website is http://www.eataly .net






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