Florence  has three historic cafes that you must visit while you are there. Caffe Rivoire is the best situated café for people watching anywhere. Situated in the main square in Florence, the Piazza della Signoria it has been there since 1872 and if your thing is hot chocolate you have come to the right place. It is to die for!!! And you get served  by black -jacketed barmen.

Gilli is situated on the Piazzia della Repubblica another large and important square in Florence. Gilli has been serving delicious cakes since 1733. It moved to the premises in the Piazza della Repubblica in 1910 and has a beautiful art- nouveau interior. Its specialities are millefoglie which are sheets of puff pastry filled with rich vanilla or chocolate Chantilly cream.

Caffe Giocosa in the Via della Spada opened in 1815 and it was here that the Negroni cocktail was invented and it was the  favourite place of the Anglo-Florentine community between the wars. It is well known for its Caffe de Medici, a shaken espresso topped with whipped cream , chocolate and granola.

Café Rivoire

Piazzadella Signoria 4,




Piazza della Repubblica 39r



Caffe Giocosa

Via delle Spada 10r,


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