Two years ago I met Laura Panico at the Destinations Travel Show in London  and instantly wanted to go on one of her cookery trips to the Aeolian Islands. I am finally hoping to do so  sometime soon -watch this space!!! Laura’s cookery course is  not one of your normal conventional cookery trips. On it you get to fish for squid and cook it seconds later on board the fishing boat under the expert eyes of local fishermen  and make your own Ricotta cheese with the milk from the goats grazing on the side of a volcano . You also visit local vineyards and pick up cooking tips from the locals .


Based on the island of Vulcano, famous for its therapeutic mud baths and sleeping volcano you  get chance to visit Stromboli whose volcanic crater  is definitely wide awake! There is also time to visit the centre of Vulcanology to learn more about these unpredictable fiery monsters.


To finish off the week of adventures both culinary and otherwise you can go  on an afternoon boat trip to see the volcano on Stromboli erupting. After dark you get a natural firework display viewed from the sea.


The Aeolian Islands  are an series of volcanic islands, which  lie in the blue waters of the Tyrrenian Sea between Sicily and Italy’s mainland. The islands geography and climate are perfect for the cultivation of crops and vines – the ideal setting for a cooking and wine tasting holiday. Volcanic soils are the richest agricultural soils on earth and this combined with  a sun drenched climate ensures that the islands’ slopes and plains are spilling over with olive groves, fruit orchards, capers and vineyards. Of course there is an abundance  of sea life to be caught fresh daily too .


To find out more about these amazing trips go to and see why I am so looking forward to taking part in one.


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