A  few weeks ago I spent a magical week being immersed in the whole Palio experience in Siena  hosted by Hedonistic Hiking. If you don’t know what the Palio is , it is a bare back horse  race around the main square of Siena (which isn’t square at all -its the shape of a shell). This happens twice a year in July and August and to say the Sienese are passionate about it is an understatement. I shall be writing articles about my experience in the Daily Mail and Italia! magazine so if you want to learn more look out for those. On a trip with Hedonistic Hiking

you get wined and dined very well and taught a lot about the local cuisine. Indeed we had a pasta making lesson out in the Tuscan countryside which I will be writing about in a further post. But I am now going to tell you about the speciality of Siena – Panforte.  It is a long lasting cake made with a recipe  that originated in the honey cakes of the Middle Ages. Its made with flour , almonds, dried and candied fruits and spices. Although I like the original version  it is rather hard and crunchy and I have to watch my teeth these days!! I tried one made with figs and dates and it was lovely and a lot softer. You can buy Panforte in most shops in Siena and because it is not crumbly it is easy to transport home in your suitcase. There are many different variations to try.DSCF5184.JPG

One thought on “PANFORTE DI SIENA

  1. Your blog brought back very happy memories of a holiday there a few years back. Though I didn’t eat nearly so well. Thank you! Really looking forward to reading about your adventures and experiences on the trip.


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