In May I am off to Bologna for a few days to try out all the foodie delights of the area. As many of you already know there is no such thing as Spaghetti Bolognaise. The locals will look at you pitifully if you try to order that when you are there. It is tagliatelle done with a Ragu sauce and it is nothing like the Spag Bol we cook here!! I shall be visiting Eataly the new Foodie theme park on the outskirts of Bologna and I shall be having a day out in Parma home of Parma ham and Parmesan cheese. I shall be reporting back with all my experiences. Watch this space

We have just booked a holiday in Piedmont   in September. We shall be staying near Asti – as in Spumante and touring the vineyards around  Barolo. Alba , home of the White Truffle Fair is nearby too and in Pollenzo there is the Banco del Vino  which hold a bottle of all the different wines in Italy. Nearby Bra is home of the Slow Movement. A foodies paradise!!!


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