I  recently visited Parma and was lucky enough to dine on food cooked from recipes that had belonged to the chef of Maria Luisa Duchess of Parma.

Maria Luisa was the second wife of Napoleon Bonaparte and after the fall of the French Empire The Congress of Vienna  sent her to govern Parma. She was loved by the people there and a visit to the Museo Glauco Lombardi gives you a good insight into her life .

Back to the food…

All the food was delicious but the dish that interested me the most was a plate of Culatello. I had assumed it was Prosciutto di Parma one of Italy’s most iconic foods but no, I was told it was Culatello.  I had never heard of it and wanted to find out more.  Apparently it is more of a delicacy than Prosciutto and its name means small bum or bottom. Indeed the Oxford Companion to Italian Food  says that “smooth as a babies bottom is an apt description of this silky soft delicacy”.  I certainly enjoyed it and will look out for it on the menu again. DSCF6063.JPGDSCF6082.JPG


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