Last week a couple of friends and I spent a great few days in Florence. We had rented an apartment in the San Frediano district of the Oltrano. The Oltrano is the side of the river in Florence where the locals hang out. There is very rarely a tourist in sight apart from ones visiting The Pitti Palace and the Boboli Gardens. However in San Frediano you are well away from most tourist sights except maybe the Brancacci Chapel with its wonderful fresco of Adam and Eve being kicked out of the Garden of Eden. We also discovered that on a Friday night the whole area is buzzing . We discovered  a great bar with live music just down our street.

However all this is leading up to me telling you about a restaurant that we discovered -Culinaria Bistrot  in Piazza Torquato Tasso. It was so good we returned a second time two days later. From the minute we sat down we were impressed. One of my friends was suffering from a chest infection. She had been dosing herself up with antibiotics before she came but was still not her usual lively self. When we told Andrea, one of the owners that she couldn’t have any wine because of this he offered to make her a special tisane. When it came it smelt wonderful and the next day she was a new woman! The food was absolutely beautiful and just a bit different from the usual Tuscan fare.  We were fascinated to discover that the owners had started something called the De Gustibus network. They are an association of small farmers, tourism operators and consumers aiming to increase awareness about sustainable development, healthy diet and traditional agriculture as cultural heritage. As well as the restaurant where they also have product tastings, workshops and cultural events they also do De Gustibus Tours. These introduce their clients to the Tuscan region and to the farms that belong to the network and you can have personalized wine and food tours. They also offer other activities such as hot air balloon flights, bike tours, trekking and cookery lessons. They also offer a vintage sidecar riding experience which I am determined to have a go at next time I am in Florence.

To find out more go to http://www.de-gustibus.it






    1. My friend did write it down. I know it definitely had orange in it and several herbs. I shall find out and let you know. Hope everything is good with you. My blog has been sadly neglected over the summer as I have had a lot going on with family stuff but I am raring to go now and have plenty to say about my trips to Bologna and Piedmont.


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