Huge apologies for not posting for so long but several things have been taking up my time this last few months including setting up my History Tours business but I am back now and fully intend to post regularly. Last year I visited Abruzzo, Piedmont and Umbria and this year I am off to the Val d’Aosta, Rome, The Lakes and Milan so I shall have plenty of stories to tell and I hopefully have a few more trips in the pipeline. watch this space!!

A couple of years ago I visited Bologna known as La Grassa -meaning” the Fat”. So named as it well known for its amazing food.

While I was there I visited Eataly. There are many Eataly shops in cities all over Italy and even some in other countries too and they all showcase and sell the best wine and food that Italy produces But Eataly in Bologna is more than a shop. You can see how pecorino is made and make your own gelato. Full of amazing restaurants and small shops selling their various delicacies it is a gastronomic heaven.

I thoroughly recommend a visit to Bologna and Eataly

but pack some baggy clothes -your waistline may expand quite a bit!!

One thought on “BOLOGNA -LA GRASSA

  1. Looking forward to following your travels. We are travelling to Italy later this year and looking at spending some time in Sicily. Have you ever ventured there and if so do you have any suggestions of places to try while we are there?


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