One of my favourite things to do when I’m in Italy is to sit outside a café in the evening sunshine, watching the world go by and of course there is usually plenty to see as the Italians love their evening passigiata. They are out to see and be seen .

The best bit of it is however the wonderful array of drinks you can chose from. You may chose a simple birra but when there are delights such as various vermouths and spritzes, not to mention cocktails to chose from the world is your oyster. As well as the drinks there are usually savoury snacks on offer varying from nuts, crisps and olives to a whole buffet of delicious things to chose from. Of course the grander the food on offer, the more expensive the food is normally,

but it is definitely worth it. The custom of the aperitivo in Italy can be traced back to the Romans who used to prepare their stomachs for eating by drinking wine flavoured with honey, a practice they picked up from the Greeks.

in the next few days I m going to post about the various different drinks that are on offer, their histories and what they are made of.

Watch this space!

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