Last Autumn I took part in a fantastic press trip to Abruzzo. It  is one of Italy’s least known regions and mass tourism has passed it by. Halfway down the Italian peninsula sandwiched between the Apennine mountains and the Adriatic sea its a perfect place for those who love  the great outdoors . There are three national parks and 38 nature reserves and is a perfect area to visit if you into hiking , cycling and skiing.

As for the food you are in for a treat. Abruzzo is known for mountain lamb and a speciality is arrosicini -mutton kebabs. Another speciality is pizze fritte -shallow fried pizza dough. The local pasta is macheroni alla chittara, where the dough is rolled over a pasta guitar (chitarra) that slices it into squared strips.

The local wines are the wonderful Montalpulciano d’Abruzzo,  but if you prefer white wine the local Pecorino (no, not the cheese!) it is really good too.

We went in search of truffles and after going on a truffle hunt  we headed  to the Il Tubero d’Oro restaurant in Campli to sample some. I thought  I had died and gone to heaven.!!I’m definitely getting a taste for them after all these gastronomic press trips.

I thoroughly recommend a trip to this unique region of Italy.




  1. Hi Karen,
    They use dogs as pigs are really hard to control. In Piedmont where I first went on a truffle hunt they have a university for truffle dogs to train them. The truffle hunter takes us and the dog to an area where he knows truffles are found and the dog wanders around sniffing until he gets the scent of a truffle as they are quite pungent. He then goes mad and starts digging. At this point the truffle hunter pulls him off and gives him a dog biscuit and then proceeds to dig very carefully. The truffle is not very far under the ground but he has to be very careful not to damage it as they are worth a lot of money.
    If you are really interested in finding out more about truffles it is worth visiting Piedmont in the autumn. The have a huge white truffle fair in Alba and visitors are able to go on a truffle hunt. Thats where I first tasted one and fell in love with them.


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